Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story 1.2.0

Run your own games studio


  • In-depth simulation
  • Cute graphics
  • Sweet soundtrack


  • Confusing at times

Very good

Game Dev Story is a business simulation in which your mission is to build a successful video games studio.

In order to succeed there are many different factors to take into account when playing Game Dev Story. You need to hire staff in different roles and help them develop their skills, acquire licenses to develop for new games consoles, decide on what you want each game to be about, take on contracts to boost cash, and much more.

The gameplay in Game Dev Story is highly absorbing. It's a real eye-opener into how a games development business is operated. You need to pay attention to your market, listen to criticism from reviewers, attend press conferences and the like in order to improve as a developer.

The pixel art graphics in Game Dev Story are cute and fun, and the soundtrack is very sweet. Managing all the various elements in the game can be a bit confusing though. Menus are small and fiddly, and there are lots of icons and options that aren't explained very well in the tutorials, meaning you have to figure them out for yourself.

Ultimately, Game Dev Story is a very gripping game that's hard to put down.

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  • Now with Game Center support
Game Dev Story


Game Dev Story 1.2.0

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